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Peter Prusinowski @ Fishtown Airways

peter prusinowski

Peter Prusinowski @ Fishtown Airways

Peter Prusinowski @ Fishtown Airways, 200 East Girard Ave. Prusinowski is a Center for Emerging Visual Artists Fellow, a great honor bestowed on outstanding artists allowing them to exhibit works in group shows, receive publicity, opportunities and support from the Center. Peter is a photography purist who works in a wet dark room and is not interested in digital photography in the least. As he explained to DoN, Peter attempts to emulate masters such as Man Ray who was able to achieve solarization on film which appears like magic in the development process.

peter prusinowski

Prusinowski’s show at Fishtown Airways focusses on the history of Fishtown and the Penn Treaty, combining historic documents and photographs alongside his own studies of the area. A story of community and it’s importance to the early development of the USA emerges with bucolic river views, charming residences and quirky scenes from the centuries old village inhabited by long time residents and young growing families.

peter prusinowski

A group of historic documents including old newspaper articles, graphics and papers shed light on the Penn Treaty and the importance of this river town and it’s people.

peter prusinowski

East Girard Avenue is on the east side of the Frankford El with restaurants, bars, shops and a lively street scene. Fishtown Airways corner is bright and sunny, the gallery painted a buttery yellow, the art pops off the wall against the restful color. Proprietor , Bob Murphy is planning to open an ice cream shop along the broad avenue making this section of Fishtown a family friendly destination as well as an art outpost along with Johnnie Brenda‘s, High Wire and Bambi. Shoshka and DoN had a blast talking with the locals and hanging out on the corner.

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