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Moody Jones Gallery, David SwiftDavid Swift

Moody Jones Gallery presents:

The Photography of David Swift and John A. Benigno

Moody Jones Gallery
107B S. Easton Road
Glenside, PA 19038

The Moody Jones Gallery in Glenside, PA is delighted to announce their upcoming photography exhibit featuring the work of David Swift and John A. Benigno.

Moody Jones Gallery, John BenignoJohn A. Benigno. Moth Orchid II

There will be an opening receptions on Friday, March 2nd from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., and on Saturday, March 3rd from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Both are free and open to the public. The show runs through April 5th. For more information, please call the gallery (215-582-4496).

Moody Jones Gallery, David SwiftDavid Swift

Moody Jones Gallery, David SwiftDavid Swift

David Swift is a photographer, actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. His visual aesthetic, honed by more than 40 years’ experience working in theater and motion pictures, has greatly influenced his still photography. He is a member of the Philadelphia Photo League and the Photographic Society of Philadelphia. His work has been exhibited in many art galleries throughout the region David shoots mainly with 35 and 120mm film.

“I attempt to shoot photographs that have meaning and subtext.To touch the viewer on an emotional level.When I succeed, the camera becomes an extension of my heart” – David Swift

Moody Jones Gallery, John BenignoJohn A. Benigno, San Francisco de Asis, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

Moody Jones Gallery, John BenignoJohn A. Benigno, Moose Hall, Downington, PA

Among other venues, John A. Benigno‘s work has been collected by the Lancaster, Noyes, Berman and Woodmere Museums, the Harry Ransom Center, and the State Museum of Pennsylvania; and published in “Camera Arts” and “Antietam Review”. He was recently awarded the Luminous Landscape Grant for his Adobe Church Project from the Luminous Endowment for Photographers.

The Gallery

The Moody Jones Gallery is a boutique art gallery. We have a rich collection of paintings and sculpture work. We are proudly located in Glenside, Pennsylvania and are excited to show the space and our appreciation for fine works of art to the community. Our mission is to introduce you to new, mid-level and well established artists working in different mediums. Our goal is to display and sell original works of art which will both leave the customer satisfied and secondly be a perfect addition to the home, work place or wherever the art is to be displayed.

The Private Collection

Adrian J. Moody and his wife Robyn Jones have spent years building a large collection of paintings and sculptures. The collection, mostly made up of African-American, Latin-American, and Mexican art features works by Andrew Turner, Easton Davy, Ted Ellis, R. L. Washington, Gina Echeverry, Jonas Allen, Andre Guichard, Leroy Edney and a wide variety of other artist. The collection features a rich mixture of abstract, representative and portraits. As a collective, they display their experienced taste and expertise on the aesthetic and subjects that encapsulate African-American, Latin-American and Mexican art. The pieces themselves speak largely on race, gender, sexuality, and family, while others cater to different conceptual ideas.

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Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryTheresa Stigale

Philadelphia Photo League’s Photo Walk Exhibition at the

National Realty Art Gallery

by Laura Storck

I recently attended the Philadelphia Photo League‘s Photo Walk Exhibition at the National Realty Art Gallery in Old City on First Friday — and WOW! This exhibition documents very beautiful and insightful images from neighborhoods across the Philadelphia area from the varied perspectives of members of the Philadelphia Photo League.  

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryMike Klusek, South Kensington (top}, Fitler Square (bottom)

Over the course of several months, the PPL documented several neighborhoods as part of an on-going photo walk series. The creation of the work was coordinated by the PPL’s “neighborhood expert”, photographer Mike Klusek. This impressive exhibit will be on display through early March.

Philadelphia Photo LeaguePhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryTrevor Mayo, Navy Yard

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryJudy Murray

Philadelphia Photo Society at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery, Jennifer Brinton Robkin

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryJano Cohen, Brewerytown

The history and mission of the Philadelphia Photo League (PPL):

The Philadelphia Photo League is a cooperative of amateur and professional photographers who have come together around a range of common social and creative causes. The League was founded in July 2012 by a group of Philadelphia area photographers / activists who are committed to social change through the use of documentary photography. Our core mission is to help civic organization drive change through the use of photography. Our organization was inspired by the historic New York Photo League which was active from 1936 to 1951 and included among its members some of the most noted American Photographers of the mid-20th century.  

In 1936 a group of young, idealistic photographers, formed an organization in Manhattan called the Photo League. Their solidarity centered on a belief in the expressive power of the documentary photograph and on a progressive alliance of ideas and what photography could become. A unique complex of school, darkroom, gallery, and salon, the League was also a place where you learned about yourself. One of its leading members was Sid Grossman who pushed students to discover not only the meaning of their work but also their relationship to it. This transformative approach was one of the League’s most innovative and influential contributions to the medium. Sixty years ago, the Photo League fell victim to Cold War witch-hunts and blacklists, closing its doors after 15 intense years of trailblazing – and sometimes hell-raising – documentary photography. From unabashedly leftist roots, the group influenced a generation of photographers who transformed the documentary tradition, elevating it to heady aesthetic heights. We hope to continue, and advance, this legacy.

We pursue our mission by creating a unique environment, where all types of serious photographers, using all types of media, can gather together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration – plus enjoy a sense of community, while fostering positive change in our world.

The PPL is actively seeking members in order to actively contribute to it’s growth and influence.  If you are a devotee of documentary or street photography, and have an interest in social causes, consider joining today. The PPL is open to all photographers, from amateur to professional.

See their amazing work on the PPL Flickr page, check out the official blog , or follow them on Facebook.  The Philadelphia Photo League advertises their upcoming events via their meetup page: photo walks, classes, critiques, and exhibits, and photographing events to support and document social activism and awareness.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, at The Philadelphia Building, 1315 Walnut Street at 7 p.m.  Come meet the members of PPL, see their work and accomplishments, network, and socialize. I’ve been a member of the PPL for 2 years and I currently serve as an assistant event organizer and communications leader. Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other members of the PPL leadership team if you’d like to share any social causes or events that need promotion towards a greater awareness.

Philadelphia Photo League At National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery

Written and photographed by Laura Storck




Twitter: @Laura_Storck

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