Absolutely Abstract 2015

Absolutely Abstract 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club

The Philadelphia Sketch Club‘s Annual Absolutely Abstract Exhibition is like wandering through a magic garden of random events captured in slow motion time. Time is elemental to the wide selection of contemporary abstract art filling the historic gallery. It’s so weird because The Philadelphia Sketch Club is the oldest artist’s club in America and the abstract show is about exploring the time when abstract art was considered radical.

The collection of artworks range from action paintings, deep impressionist landscapes, nature photography and more. There is a lot of art in the show, every effort was made to make it fit. At dinner tonight my host was cranky about overly edited art shows and whether it’s better to display salon style or not. It would be really fun to edit the show to a top 40 but there is great pleasure in the sensual overload of an abundance of art.

Absolutely Abstract 2015Absolutely Abstract 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Michael Cooper, Fertility Figure Gone Wild, wood, clay and paint

Fertility Figure Gone Wild manages to find an alternate reality space in a room full of enthusiast competition for attention. The piece is interactive and modulates the space around it with depth of force field, developing a conversation with the viewer. Dream-like states flow while scanning and gazing, the temporal information flows like time in a multiverse.

The space does feel like a time capsule with reflections on the past and illumination of the future in color and marks, architecture and history. Connecting with deep primal image recognition and stories seem to flow through the room like a stream of consciousness. Abstraction is all around, our peripheral vision is abstract shapes and marks that communicates information to the consciousness. Absolutely.

Absolutely Abstract 2015Absolutely Abstract 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club

2015 Absolutely Abstract Open Juried Exhibition through September 19, 2015. 235 South Camac Street, The Avenue of the Artists, Philadelphia, PA, 19107. Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1:00 – 5:00pm

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer

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