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2019 AUTUMN INVITATIONAL, Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

2019 Annual Autumn Invitational at Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

The annual AUTUMN INVITATIONAL, which officially opens THIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 7-10 PM, is one of our favorite shows. For good reason.

By showcasing the artists who have achieved notable success over the past year, measured by sales and jury awards, it welcomes back artists who are truly fan favorites. And with this year’s edition in particular, it gives us a more in-depth look at the work of three exceptional artists:

* This marks the fourth time CAROL TASHJIAN has shown her work in our space. Across different media and subject matters, a common thread has emerged: a disciplined approach to her craft, which strips away the extraneous in favor of essence. When Carol has shown one or two works, viewers sometimes have to seek out the quiet refuge of her art. This time, with 19 works, we are happily immersed in her approach, with the litho crayon rubbings of trees on the right side of the Wall practically creating a meditative arboretum of sorts (to the extent that’s possible at Dirty Frank’s!).

* For WILD TYPE, aka, ORI ROE, the Invitational marks a third turn at OFF THE WALL and this time is indeed the charm, with 13 works that, as with Carol, finally create a critical mass and enable us to enter her unique worlds at the intersection of science and art. Wild Type takes her nom d’artiste from a wild-type strain — there are ori sequences in the mitochondrial DNA of such a mutated strain; similarly, Wild Type’s art-making practice applies fundamentals of organic chemistry to create “worlds with X, Y and Z coordinate space,” and to begin answering such deep questions as “What does it mean to exist in space?”

* As we count down, RUSTY EVELAND is returning for just the second time, after a tour de force debut in BREAKTHROUGHS FOR SHEILA. His art runs a wide gamut. Across eight pieces, spanning figure studies, an animated short projected in our 3D space, and mixed-media and found-object assemblages, Rusty never aspires to Carol’s introspection or Wild Type’s exploration but rather embraces an energy and enthusiasm that naturally draws audiences into his work.

* And it’s worth noting that while this show’s headliner is usually the winner of the Mary-Rowe Memorial Jury Prize, last year’s honoree, LINDSEY WAVREK, will next be on the Wall this coming March and April as a MARY LIZ FELLOW, the highest honor we bestow on any artist in our community.

We look forward to seeing you THURSDAY EVENING, and for those of you who would like to transcend mere attendance and become a PARTICIPATING ARTIST at our next Opening Reception, on November 17, please make sure to pick up an entry form for UNDER $100, our upcoming JURIED EXHIBITION.

We are accepting entries for the show — which invites any and all media and subject matters, priced at $95 or less — now through October 17. Take the top prize and you’ll not only be in that show; per the above note about Lindsey Wavrek, you’ll automatically be part of the 2020 AUTUMN INVITATIONAL!

UNDER 100 Entry Guidelines Poster, OTWGallery, September 2019
15th Annual Juried Exhibition, Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

Thank you to Togo Travalia, Manager, OFF THE WALL GALLERY at Dirty Frank’s for the content of this post. (He’s a really good writer!)

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Under $100, OTWGallery

12th Annual Juried Art Show and Sale at Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

Jameir Andrews, Regina Kelly Barthmaier, Jim Biglan, Meryl Bonderow, DoN Brewer, Marlene Bugansky, David Chatfield, Anthony Coleman, e.l., Mara Elizabeth Foley, Leroy Forney, Bob Gorchov, Rich Gunning, Bayaht Ham, Ken Harris, Hokey, Arthur Hopkins, Alonzo Troy Humphrey, David Karasow, Ed Keer, Liz Krick, Elizabeth, H. MacDonald, Samantha Milich, Deborah Miller, Bill Myers, Michael Nathan, Sarah Watkins Nathan, Tri Nguyen, Megan B. Olsen, Arthur B. Ostroff, Heather Raquel Phillips, Gene Renzi, Allison Scalera, Veronika Schmude, Chuck Schultz, Ed Snyder, Al Stegeman, Carol Tashjian, Noa Travalia ,Wayne W. Urffer, Chris Vecchio, Michael Weaver, Katherine Weber, Harvey Weinreich

November 13th through December 26, 2016. Artist Reception: November 20th, 2016, 4:00 – 7:00pm. NE Corner, 13th & Pine Sts, Philadelphia PA, 19146

under2South 20th Street, oil on canvas, 11″ x 8″, 2016, $93.50, DoN Brewer

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