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Diane Burko, Rowan University Art GalleryColumbia Glacier Lines of Recession 1980-2005

Vast and Vanishing


Diane Burko uses art to examine monumental geological phenomena

GLASSBORO, NJ – Exploring the confluence of arts, science, and activism Rowan University Art Gallery showcases the work of environmental artist Diane Burko in Vast and Vanishing. On display from March 8 – April 21.

Diane Burko’s artistic practice is at the intersection of art, science, and activism focused on climate change. For over a decade, she has been documenting glacial recession in large-scale paintings and photographs developed in collaboration with scientists, studying their research, and utilizing their data. She is especially committed to understanding and incorporating climate science and sees this intersection as crucial to her artistic development. Her activism led her to make research expeditions to the ice fields of Antarctica, Greenland, Patagonia, and Svalbard where she documented and collected data for her work.

By employing many of the methods used by climate scientists such as recession lines, satellite imaging, and repeat photography, Burko’s research, coupled with her experiences, are translated into monumental paintings and photographs. The results are emotionally expansive works that function as a visual record of glacial recession, a call to action, and metaphor for the socio-political discourse on climate change. Curated by Mary SalvanteVast and Vanishing comprises works that capture the inexhaustible dichotomies and the inescapable tension that Diane witnessed in these extreme frozen environments.

Diane Burko, Rowan University Art GalleryOrtophoto Kongsfjorden 1869 _1990 (after NPI)

Brooklyn-born. Philadelphia-based Burko focuses her work on monumental geological phenomenon. Since 2006 her practice has been at the intersection of art and science, devoted to the urgent issues of climate change. Her current work reflects expeditions to the three largest ice fields in the world. She has sailed around Svalbard with artists and also spent four days in Ny-Alesund with scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute. She has visited Greenland’s Ilulissat and Eqi Sermia glaciers and first traveled to the Antarctic Peninsula in 2013, returning in January 2015, and explored the Patagonian ice field of Argentina. Burko’s expeditions can be followed at www.dianeburko.com/polarinvestigations.

Aside from showing her art, Burko has gained attention from the scientific community, often speaking on how the arts can communicate science. She is an affiliate of INSTAAR, and has participated in numerous conferences such as those hosted by the Geological Society of America and American Geophysical Union. She is committed to public engagement, using both facts and images to make the invisible visual and visceral.

Diane Burko, Rowan University Art GalleryPetermann Calving

Rowan University Art Gallery is located at 301 High Street West. Free 2-hour public parking is available in the Mick Drive Parking Garage across the street from the gallery. Eynon Ballroom is located in Chamberlain Student Center on the university campus. Admission to the gallery, discussion, and receptions is free and open to the public. Regular gallery hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Thursday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Directions can be found on the gallery website. For more information, call 856-256-4521 or visit www.rowan.edu/artgallery.

Support for programming at Rowan University Art Galleries is made possible by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

Thank you to Mary Salvante for the content of this post.

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The Philadelphia Sketch Club 155The Philadelphia Sketch Club 155th Anniversary Gala, Diane Burko, Vincent Desiderio, Garth Herrick, Barbara and Richard Rosenfeld

Please join us for our 155th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, October 17th. The Gala will be held at The Philadelphia Sketch Club, 235 S. Camac Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, from 7:00 to 11:00 PM. You will have a fun time and get to mix with many prominent members of the artistic community.

The Philadelphia Sketch Club will honor three of America’s top artists, Diane Burko, Vincent Desiderio and Garth Herrick, with the presentation of the Philadelphia Sketch Club Medal. We will also present medals to Barbara and Richard Rosenfeld who ran the prominent Rosenfeld Gallery for nearly forty years. Many members of the Honorary Gala Committee will also be present. The Honorary Gala Committee includes: David R. & Holly Trostle Brigham (David is CEO of PAFA and Holly is an artist); Donald R. & Linda Aversa-Caldwell (Donald is Chair Emeritus of PAFA’s Board of Trustees); Bill Scott, artist; William R. Valerio, Director & CEO, Woodmere Art MuseumKathleen A. Foster, Senior Curator of American Art at Philadelphia Museum of Art; David Weiss, Vice President at Freeman’s Auctions, Fine Art and Antiques and a specialist on the Antiques Roadshow; Dr. Luther Brady, MD and art patron; Liz Price, artist and former Fleisher Art Memorial President; Dick Ranck, artist; Cindy and John Affleck, President of Woodmere’s Board of Trustees; art patrons Joseph & Pamela Yohlin (Joe is on Woodmere’s Board of Trustees); Frank Giordano, CEO of Philly Pops; and Dianne Semingson, art patron and Chair of the Avenue of the Arts, Inc; and Derek Gillman, former CEO of PAFA and the Barnes Foundation and currently Distinguished Visiting Professor of Visual Studies at Drexel University.

In addition to the medal presentations, highlights of the evening will include an unreserved live auction of artworks by the honored artists as well as some contemporary and historic works by Ranck, Bye, DiStefano, Lear and Ricciardi and Simon. The live auction will be led by David Weiss, Vice President at Freemans and a specialist on the Antique Roadshow. There will be an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and a buffet dinner. The Gala is on the same weekend as PAFA’s Family & Alumni weekend. Given the strong connection between The Philadelphia Sketch Club and PAFA, and the number of PAFA individuals being honored at this year’s event, PAFA has agreed to promote the Gala as part of the schedule of events so we may be honored by a good number of PAFA alumni.

You can order tickets at www.sketchclub.org or by calling 215-545-9298. Please order tickets promptly as we must provide a headcount to our caterer plus our capacity may be exceeded by the demand for tickets. The Philadelphia Sketch Club 235 South Camac Street, The Avenue of the Artists, Philadelphia, PA, 19107

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