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on the Grid

Tenth Annual Juried Exhibition at Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

November 23 – December 27. Opening Reception: December 4th, 7:00 – 10:00pm. Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s, NE Corner, 13th & Pine, Philadelphia, PA 19107

John BaccileKyle BakerJessica BarberGlenn BengeJim Biglan, Meryl Bonderow, DoN BrewerPaula Brumbelow Burnsm, Vincent Bush, Nicole Clifford, Matt CohenJacque FerrettiLeroy ForneyJulia FoxWayne FranksRachel Glidden, Bob GorchovTed Gutswa, Robin Harrison, Robert Yong Lee, Rob LybeckStephen MillnerBill Myers, Michael Nathan, Annette Newman, Tri Nguyen, Alexandra OrgeraGene Renzi, Wendy Rush, Veronika Schmude, Chuck Schultz, Julius ScissorMina Smith-Segal, Ed SnyderLaura StorckMichael Tantaros, Jocelynn TiceNoa & Emi Travalia, Wa-oo-ba-ke, Katherine Weber, and Jaither West

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