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Art with flowers as the primary motif.


PICTURE-PERFECT GARDENSSet between two flowing fountains and tree-lined pathways, the James A. Michener Art Museum’s Pfundt Sculpture Garden captures the essence of Bucks County’s rolling terrain. Credit: Photo by B. Krist for VISIT PHILADELPHIA®


Art Often Comes With A Side of Floral Beauty In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA – Throughout the Philadelphia region, art galleries and museums sit amid colorful gardens, quiet woodlands and serene meadows that accentuate the art found in both indoor and outdoor galleries. Here’s a look at some of the region’s museums and attractions that celebrate beauty inside and out:

  • Abington Art Center  This vibrant cultural organization, known for its summer concert series, occupies part of the 27 acres of historic Alverthorpe Manor in Montgomery County. Inside, three galleries show as many as six regional and national art exhibitions annually. Outside, Katasura trees dot a meandering walkway through Sculpture Park, which is open and free to the public 365 days a year. 515 Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown(215)
  • The Barnes Arboretum & Foundation In suburban Merion, the Barnes Foundation’s 12-acre arboretum is astonishingly diverse for its size, with more than 2,500 varieties of woody and herbaceous plants, many rare. The arboretum opens to visitors May to September. The Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway honors its horticultural legacy with landscaped lawns, trees, park, fountain, contemplative walkways and outdoor seating on its 4.5-acre site. That location’s Garden Restaurant also features outdoor courtyard dining, while internal gardens throughout the building encourage visitors to imagine they are strolling directly into the landscapes they’re admiring on the walls. Arboretum, 300 N. Latch’s Lane, Merion, (215) 278-7200; Foundation, 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway(215)  
  • Brandywine River Museum of Art  It takes just one glimpse of the Virginia bluebells, Cardinal flowers and holly and bayberry bushes that border this onetime gristmill to understand why this landscape has served as muse for so many local artists. The Brandywine River Museum is internationally known for its unparalleled collection of works by three generations of Wyeths and its fine collection of American art. Outside, visitors can join guided walks through the wildflower and native plant gardens, which were dedicated by Lady Bird Johnson and, during the annual plant sale on Mother’s Day weekend, can take home seeds cultivated right on the grounds, as well as lovely in-bloom plants. 1 Hoffman’s Mill Road, Chadds Ford(610)  
  • James A. Michener Art Museum This Bucks County destination is home to the Edgar N. Putman Event Pavilion, a 2,700-square-foot indoor-outdoor space designed by architecture firm KieranTimberlake. The pavilion showcases museum programs—jazz nights, lectures, lively family events—within an elegant, all-glass structure that extends into the Patricia Pfundt Sculpture Garden. Inside, the museum’s eight galleries accommodate special exhibitions and a 3,000-piece permanent collection, including many Pennsylvania impressionist paintings that capture the essence of the county’s rolling terrain. 138 S. Pine Street(215) 340-9800, Doylestown,  
  • Penn Museum – After viewing the impressive collection of international art and artifacts inside this historic University of Pennsylvania museum, visitors can relax in two magnificent gardens. The Warden Garden, now wheelchair accessible, features a classic koi pool, expansive lawns and mosaics created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The Stoner Courtyard, built on the philosophy that places for nature are necessary in our built-up world, includes sculptural pieces by A.S. Calder, a cobblestone walkway and a beautiful marble fountain. Inside, guests marvel at ancient objects including African and Native American masks, Maya sculpture and Egyptian mummies. 3260 South Street(215)
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art Best known for its international exhibitions and world-renowned collections of more than 240,000 works, the crown jewel of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is more than a museum. It’s also the unofficial gateway to Fairmount Park. The museum’s bi-level sculpture garden, with its combination of terraces, lawns, flora and water features, showcases an ever-changing sculpture collection overlooking Fairmount Park, the Schuylkill River, the four-acre Azalea Garden and the grand, neoclassical Fairmount Water Works. Works on display include large-scale pieces by Claes Oldenburg Ellsworth Kelly and Sol LeWitt. 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway(215)
  • Rodin Museum Movie-theater magnate, philanthropist and Rodin collector Jules Mastbaum, known for his eye for elegance, hired architects Paul Cret and Jacques Gréber to create this jewel-box museum. The venue’s intimate settings are perfect for taking in the extensive Rodin collection, one of the greatest single collections of his work outside Paris. Visitors seem to enjoy the front garden’s reflecting pool and tapestry of magnolia trees, shrubs and colorful flowers—some dating back to the 1920s—as much as they do The Thinker and Eternal Springtime. 2151 Benjamin Franklin Parkway(215)  
  • Second Bank of the United States – Inside this Parthenon-like structure is a first-rate collection of approximately 200 historic portraits of Founding Fathers, early leaders, explorers and others, many by Charles Willson Peale. Just steps away are several gardens. The Signers’ Garden, with native plants and trees, commemorates the creators of Declaration of the Independence. The 18th-Century Garden replicates formal English gardens of the day with geometrically patterned raised flowerbeds, walking paths, and a pergola. The Rose Garden and Magnolia Garden are secluded, colorful and fragrant refuges. Second Bank, 420 Chestnut Street; Signers’, 5th & Chestnut Streets; 18th-Century, Walnut Street between 3rd & 4th Streets; Rose and Magnolia, Locust Street between 4th & 5th Streets; (215)  
  • Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library Textiles, paintings, prints, furniture and ceramics dating from 1640 to 1860 make the former home of Henry Francis du Pont a favorite for fans of Americana. Nature enthusiasts are drawn to the 60-acre garden nestled in the 1,000-acre country estate. Highlights of the garden include eight acres of azaleas, naturalized bulbs displays, peonies and primroses. Trails lead from the garden through rolling meadow, woodlands and waterways. If the kids get antsy, a short trip across the Troll Bridge leads to the Faerie Cottage in the Enchanted Woods. 5105 Kennett Pike, Winterthur, Delaware(800)
  • Woodmere Art Museum – At the top of the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, this gem of a venue tells stories of Philadelphia’s art and artists, including N.C. Wyeth, Benjamin West and Violet Oakley, as well as new and emerging contemporary artists. The 19th-century stone Victorian mansion sits on six acres dotted with sculptures by Dina Wind and other Philadelphia-area artists surrounding Harry Bertoia’s sinuous fountain sculpture, Free Interpretation of Plant Forms9201 Germantown Avenue(215)

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Flower Art

Art of the Flower, J D Mitchell

Art of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Donald C. Meyer Medal

Art of the Flower 2015 at The Philadelphia Sketch Club is a juried group art exhibition dedicated to florals in honor of Donald C. Meyer. Dianne Meyer presented the First Prize winner, Kimberle Nentwig for her watercolor painting titled Dahlia Darling, a golden medal in remembrance of her late husband.

The exhibition is an exuberant display of floral artwork, the jurors were Al Gury, chair of the painting department at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Lauren Sweeney, fine artist and Marylyn Waltzer, member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. The entry process is completed on-line at The Philadelphia Sketch Club website and hundreds of artists submitted images for consideration by the jury who then select artworks for the awards. The jurors selected an eclectic mix of media for the awards but being in the show is a goal itself for many regional artists.

View the on-line gallery here.

Art of the Flower, Alice ChungArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Alice Chung, Spring, oil, 17″ x 15″

Spring is all everyone is thinking about, The Art of the Flower show excites the desire to preserve some of that delightful satisfaction of better days. Alice Chung captures a moment of quiet and warmth in her composition, the balance of color, tone and brushwork feels satisfying and serene. Flowers have always been used for decoration, welcoming guests, gifts of love and adornment for sacred ceremonies. Alice Chung‘s Spring is naturally atmospheric, defining a magical moment in time with loose, liquid strokes, empathetic marks and gestural cues to an energetic concept of a space and time of renewal.

Art of the Flower. Doris PeltzmanArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Doris PeltzmanA Cup Full of Peonies, oil on plexiglass, 10″x10″

“I am a direct painter, painting from life to capture the moment. The excitement of the moment and the immediacy are what drive me. It is that total impression that creates the completed painting. focus on color, harmony, light, mood, texture, composition and the calligraphy of my brush strokes. I love to experiment with a variety of palettes and surfaces. It is the visual stimulation that drives and moves me forward.” – Doris Peltzman artist statement, Artists’ House Gallery

A Cup Full of Peonies by Doris Peltzman possesses a subdued yet elegant presence, the painting has an ethereal quality. Even though the palette is restrained, the alla prima mark-making expresses the subject though tone, light and action in powerful impressionism. Peonies are my favorite flower but they really only last a day, Doris narrates that brevity with experience and skill.

Art of the Flower, Suzanne ComerArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Suzanne Comer, Panoply, photo montage on archival paper, 21″ x 17″

Suzanne Comer was so sweet to me at the reception for Art of the Flower 2015 at The Philadelphia Sketch Cluboffering to take a photo of me with my accepted entry. She said people rarely take pictures of me with my work and we each took photos of each other with our artwork. It was a nice surprise to see that both of us had used digital photo montage to make floral artwork. While my composition has an informal composition, Suzanne Comer‘s Panoply is a formal composition with a coherent balance of shape, color and negative space with the charm of individual flowers emphasized.

Suzanne Comer regards photography as an art form, often expanding the boundaries by using portions of her photographs to digitally create a new and different whole or montage. With the perspective of a painter, Suzanne’s style stimulates the viewer’s own interpretation and feelings. Therefore, in full circle, creating new personal meanings” – Media Arts Council

Art of the Flower, The Philadelphia Sketch ClubArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Kimberle Nentwig, Dahia Darling, watercolor, First Prize and Maria Kurtzman, White Roses and Kumquats, oil on board, Second Place

Art of the Flower, Laura DucceschiArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Laura Ducceschi, Lotus in Repose, photography, Third Place

Laura Ducceschi’s photography captures the magical way natural light accentuates beauty in nature and in people. Laura’s award-winning fine art photography portrays an intimate view of our beautiful world. Her images reveal how natural light emphasizes color and texture._ excerpt Laura Ducceschi artist statement

As a photographer and painter I was particularly satisfied to see a top award go to a deserving photograph. Photography isn’t about just shooting hundreds of photos to find a good image, the photographer has to make it happen. The tools of a photographer are not unlike painters, the goals are similar, the time and effort equivalent. To have a jury of peers, experts in their field, select a photograph signals the change in acceptance towards the art form. There are a lot of photographs in the show, Philly is as much a photography town as it is a painters town. The history of photography in Philadelphia parallels PAFA and the influence of photography on modern painting is undeniable.

Art of the Flower, Gus SermasArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Gus Sermas, Morning Flower, acrylic, work on paper, HM

Art of the Flower, J D MitchellArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, J D Mitchell, Chestnut Hill Iris, digital print on 100 lb paper, 12″ x 12″ framed

The excitement of an opening, meeting the artists and their families, taking pictures, drinking and eating, is a social practice that is a reward in itself. It is so much fun to watch folks checking out the competition, eves dropping on critiques and comparing and contrasting the artworks with friends. One wonders why artists subject themselves to the process of acceptance and I think it’s the feeling of accomplishment, aside from the exclusivity, of being recognized for your hard work.

Art of the Flower, Lauren SweeneyArt of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Lauren Sweeney, One Person art show, Observations in Watercolor,  in The Stewart Room Gallery (the pool room).

Dear Artists and Art Lovers,

Please join us at historic The Philadelphia Sketch Club for an ongoing exhibition of works by one of our professional member. Free and open to the public. STEWART ROOM GALLERY New works by Lauren Sweeney. March 7-30, 2015See her Online Gallery under “Sweeney” in our PSC Member Gallery HERE . Reception: Saturday March 21, 20152:00 – 4:00pm at The Philadelphia Sketch Club. Open to all.

A lifetime of scientific observation is the underpinning of the artist’s interest in capturing the essence of her subjects in watercolor. In her still life compositions, she focuses on close observation of the organic forms of flowering plants, vegetables, seashells and gourds for their exuberant variations in shape, color, texture and pattern.” – Lauren Sweeney

Art of the Flower 2015, The Philadelphia Sketch Club through March 28th, 2015

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted.

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Dear Farmers, Florists, Community Leaders and Artists


You or someone you know may be interested in participating in Millville’s First Annual Flower Festival, created by the Downtown Millville Merchants Association, the same folks who bring you the AMA Festival every year since 2008.

Please read the Press Release pasted below and find the attached postcards for your convenience.  If you would like to register, reply to to get your registration forms emailed!

Ivy Chaya



February, 2013, Millville, NJ.   Planning for a regional Spring Flower Festival is well underway by a group of High Street merchants, organized to advocate the interests of Millville’s Downtown arts and business community – it was announced by Edward Shiffler, a local musician and Downtown gallery owner.  The first in what will be an annual festival will take place Saturday, May 11, starting at 10am, in the heart of the city’s Glasstown Arts District.  Sidewalks and storefronts along High Street, open lots and the Riverfront, will be filled with flowers, floral art, installations, performers, music and vendors for the daylong event.  Colonial Flowers, Levoy, RRCA and Master Gardener at Garden on High, Kim Conner are lending their support on behalf of the City, together with the Millville Development Corporation, for what the merchants’ steering committee envisions as ‘made for families, moms, and flower lovers’ event, thematically set the day before Mothers Day, while showcasing the region’s important artists, merchants and gardening guru’s of every discipline.

The Flower Festival was part of Jim Penland’s dream, when he started the Arts Music and Antiques Festival back in 2008 along with the DMMA.  “We want to showcase the work of serious artists working in a variety of disciplines…” Said Jim about the AMA Festival, “We intend to make this Festival an expression of the aspirations our city planners had for the Glasstown Arts District when they conceived it…”  Our goals and commitment to Millville and the first annual Flower Festival are the same.  Jim’s dream for Millville’s Arts District is as alive in our hearts as ever, and so is the district itself.  Now all we need is to successfully bring the regional and community support pumping back into the heart and veins of the Glasstown Arts District. More of these well conceived and properly executed festivals plus smaller downtown events will bring returning business to our local artists and merchants, as well as businesses in the surrounding area.

Respected practitioners of the arts and crafts, florists, farmers, garden, and environmental groups are invited to participate.  Local and regional plein-air artists also have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to capture Spring flowers in the moment at sidewalk easels.  Registration deadline is April 25, 2013.  To request a registration form, email or  A $35.00 exhibit fee for each 12’ x 8’ space will be charged to Festival participants coming from outside Millville.  Plein-air artists living outside Millville will be charged a $10.00 entrance fee.  Sponsorship opportunities are available.

For more information, please contact Edward Shiffler at or call 609-425-3510 or 347-813-5090.


Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Wayne Franks, Row House Rose, oil

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Wayne Franks, Row House Rose, transparent oil on panel

The Art of the Flower show at The Philadelphia Sketch Club usually coincides with the Philadelphia Flower Show in March while it’s still cold and drab outside after the long Winter. But moving the annual celebration of floral art to the dog days of Summer is a good reminder to appreciate the gorgeous gardens in full bloom during this withering weather. The Art of the Flower show is a favorite of the member artists, it’s theme of natural splendor a motif filled with evocative beauty and drama.

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Ruth K. Fackenthal, Day Lilies, acrylic on linen

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Ruth K. Fackenthal, Day Lilies, acrylic on linen

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club click the thumbnail for larger image

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Kathy C. Lin, Hugging, oil

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Kathy C. Lin, Hugging, oil

This painting just makes me happy. The way the composition flips back and forth from abstract to still life to impressionist to naive expressionism is just plain fun.

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Elizabeth MacDonald

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Elizabeth MacDonald

Betty MacDonald’s piece is multiple mono-prints on paper transferred from common paint stir sticks. The sense of storytelling and descriptive imagery ties together a lifetime of experiences. References to painting as utilitarian and decorative practices, flowers as design and symbols of nature and inferences to embroidery, handwork and decorative art creates a narrative of how art influences our lives and nature influences our art.

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club click the thumbnail for large image.

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

The gallery at The Philadelphia Sketch Club is brimming like a huge bouquet of flowers of all kinds presented in all manner os media but to my eye painting is dominant. Whether watercolor, oils, or acrylics, artists find flowers irresistible for study and painting, images of flowers were found buried at Pompeii and have long been symbols of personalities or special occasions. You can’t help but feel good when you see all the exuberant color, fluid shapes and sensuous compositions interpreted by serious artists.

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Pearl Mintzer, Magenta Blossom, acrylic

Art of the Flower at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Pearl Mintzer, Magenta Blossom, acrylic

The Art of the Flower show is only on exhibit through August 18th check the website for gallery hours and experience the many interpretations and inspirations of floral art.

Through SideArts.comDoN is offering online and in-person one-on-one consulting services to visual and craft artists and art businesses.  Read all about it here.

Written and Photographed by DoN Brewer

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Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center – Mixed Media Art

Beverly Kohn, Resting Deer, Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center - Mixed Media Art

Beverly Kohn, Resting Deer, Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center.

Beverly Kohn, Resting Deer, Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center - Mixed Media Art

Beverly Kohn won Honorable Mention in the category of Fiber Arts, Glass and Fine Crafts at the Art Ability Exhibition.  The gorgeous piece of a fiber wrapped deer feels so modern, like Jeff Koons or DuChamp, not crafty at all but using simple, nostalgic materials and shapes, the sculpture mixes media in a delightful and desirable design.  Click the thumbnail for a close up.

Elizabeth Core Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center - Mixed Media Art

Elizabeth Core Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center - Mixed Media Art

Elizabeth Core at Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center.  The balance of color, hue, tone and textures mingled with sophisticated pattern and composition is exuberantly engaging.

Sriharsha Sukla, Cuttack, Orissa, India, Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center - Mixed Media Art

Click the thumbail to check out Sriharsha Sukla, Bombay 01, collage.  The artist lives in Cuttack, Orissa, India, and has been a part of Art Ability International Juried Exhibition of Art & Fine Craft @ Bryn Mawr Rehab Center for many years, submitting fascinatingly detailed collages, so painterly and naturalistic they appear photographic from a distance.

“The Art Ability Program at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital is a year-long program which serves as a showcase for, and celebration of, artists with disabilities. Through art, we hope to inspire patients to reach beyond their limitations, and to encourage people with disabilities to explore their own creativity.

Established in 1996, Art Ability includes the following major components: an annual international juried exhibition and sale of art and fine crafts produced by individuals with disabilities; community outreach and education opportunities including satellite exhibitions and interactive demo days; our permanent collection of artwork and the incorporation of artwork into the patient experience; and a corporate art acquisition program.

The Program’s goal is to foster a better appreciation of people with disabilities through the achievements and stories of our artists. As art enriches their lives, we hope their creativity, talent and exuberant spirit will enrich your life.” – Art Ability

Read DoNArTNeWs report about Allen Bryan, Art Ability Artist

Read more at Philly Side Arts

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