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RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowBrooke Jana, Pussy Hat


Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s

12th Annual Community Juried Show

In a way, RESIST, our 12th Annual Community Juried Show OPENING THIS THURSDAYis a sequel — perhaps an unfortunate one — to last summer’s HOW WOULD YOU SAVE THE WORLD? We do need some saving. Right now.

RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowChloe Pinero, Pose

But rather than offer ideas for evolution, the 34 artists of RESIST — 16 of them brand-new to our space — are often more closely attuned to the frequency of revolution. They tap into this energy and harness it to power their creativity.

RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowChloe Pinero, Titi’s House

The results just as easily can be ad hominems or odes to courage:

* We see the many faces of the demagogue who needs exposing (not exposure), painted in a JIM BIGLAN lampoon, spliced together in an ALYSE C. BERNSTEIN collage, made into the stuff of children by LANCE PAWLING and JOSH TODD, as well as…
* The heroes of the Resistence, from WOODLEY WHITE‘s recognizable leaders and CHLOÉ PIÑERO‘s resolute fighters to ALONZO TROY HUMPHREY‘s haunting figures and BOB GORCHOV‘s ultimately triumphant angel.

RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowChris Vecchio, RESIST #2
But if RESIST were composed merely of perceived good and evil, our show, shackled to this dichotomy, would fail to aspire or inspire. Instead our jury uncovered greater depths.
DAVID R. EVANSON adds four images from his compelling “Strange Fruit” series, which shows racial injustice and resistance in a visual language of his own invention.
BROOKE JANA makes words one of her media, inviting you to spend time inside her intricate constructions.
* Look up to take in HEATHER RAQUEL PHILLIPS and CHIARA NO‘s hangable book, which predicts a banner day for empowerment.
MONK E BURNSWELL dominates the 3D case with a measure of last resort that channels both Duchamp and Cornell.

RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowDavid R. Evanson, Incarceration

So can RESIST mean something apolitical? Sure it can. It always has. To wit:
ELIZABETH H. “BETTY” MACDONALD‘s cockroachs, the never-say-die warriors from the insect world,
NOA TRAVALIA‘s tangled web of foods we love…though we know we really shouldn’t, and,
CHRIS VECCHIO‘s carved “ohmage,” which returns resistance to its electrical origins.

RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowDavid R. Evanson, Selma

And we’re not halfway through our show. So even after you experience these works in person, you will have plenty more to discover firsthand.

RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowBrooke Jana, BANFIRE

And if you choose to purchase art, you will be doing more than speaking out. You will be speaking up for members of our community. 20% OF ALL SALES benefit two urgently needed nonprofit organizations in our own backyard: the WOMEN’S MEDICAL FUND (womensmedicalfund.organd SUNDAY BREAKFAST RESCUE MISSION (sundaybreakfast.org).

RESIST, 12th Annual Juried ShowLance Pawling, All the King’s Horses

Plus, as is always the case with our OPENING RECEPTIONS, there will be light hors d’oeuvres to nibble…your favorite drinks poured by none other than JODY SWEITZER, our host and curator…tunes playing on the juke…and much, much livelier conversation offline. In addition, a handful of our artists will be singled out with JURY CITATIONS, which we will announce at the Opening, roughly an hour into our party. And don’t pay too close attention to the end time; we’re sure to keep going well past 10:00.


We look forward to seeing you Thursday evening!


Togo Travalia


NE Corner, 13th & Pine Streets, Philadelphia, PA  19107


(215) 732-5010 (bar)

(484) 357-6440 (cell)

Philly’s pioneering alternative art space, since 1978.

June 4th to August 4th, 2017

Opening Reception June 8th, 7:00 – 10:00pm

Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s, 13th and Pine Streets, Philly

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William Way LGBTQ Community CenterWilliam Way LGBTQ Community Center Group Art Show: Gina Giles, Thom Duffy, Lance Pawling

Thom DuffyGina Giles, and Lance Pawling are the winners of the 2013 William Way LGBT Community Center Juried Art Competition and their exciting and diverse bodies of work will be on display this September and October in the gallery.

Thom Duffy will display beautifully created watercolor still lifes on paper featuring an autumn theme. Gina Giles has exhibited in The Plastic Club, Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks, Hicks Art Center Gallery, and more and will display photographic works. Pawling is a performance and installation artist known for his work with the improvisational theater group Dumpsta PlayersLance Pawling’s found-object sculptures ‘provide the viewer with a magnetic vounce through wonder. Evocative, often disturbing and equally alluring, his work redefines our ideas of refuse.’ The show will be on view in the gallery from through October 31, 2014.

The group art show at William Way LGBTQ Community Center presents three of Philadelphia’s most interesting and influential artists that were chosen from the 2013 Juried Community Art Show. I believe these artists are influential because they each are living their own authentic artistic self-actualized selves and influencing Philadelphia’s artistic culture.

Gina Giles is documenting the drag scene in Philadelphia, a performance art with a long Philadelphia history, through candid and backstage photographs. Thom Duffy is a fine painter who created a whole new body of work, beautiful Autumnal watercolors in a variety of sizes. Thom also operates a successful business, Thom Duffy Massage Therapy LLC, ‘offering a full array of therapeutic massage services for men and women to achieve specific targeted goals and physical well-being’. His job is to make you feel better. Lance Pawling, who’s day job is at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, is influential because of his fearless performances in burlesque shows as well as his visual art skills. I caught the latest performance of The Weird Beard Review, an all male burlesque review, at L’Tage and watched the man with the Dali moustache transform from art nerd to bearded lady sex bomb before my eyes.

October is Gay History Month and a lot of gay history is being made around the world. ‘LGBT History Month is a month-long annual observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements. It is observed during October in the United States, to include National Coming Out Day on October 11.[1] In the United Kingdom, it is observed during February, to coincide with a major celebration of the 2005 abolition of Section 28.’ (Wikipedia).

The group art show at William Way LGBTQ Community Center is part of gay history now and I believe that the main takeaway is that ‘gay art’ is art just like LGBTQ people are people. Living an authentic life with a freedom of spirit and nature just feels right and brings happiness to our lives.

Read my interviews with each of these artists on DoNArTNeWs Philadelphia Art News Blog.

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Off the Wall Autumn Invitational 2013

Anders Hansen, Midnight Sun

Anders Hansen, Midnight Sun, charcoal and gesso on paper.

Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks Bar Autumn Invitational 2013 features new artwork from their award-winning, top-selling artists: Jim Biglan, Bob Gorchov, Anders Hansen, Yeoun Lee, Jesse r Lentz, Bill Myers, Lance Pawling and Syd Torchio.

The gallery located in the corner bar has developed a reputation for discovering new artists, creating exciting art experiences and generating sales. Located near art schools, artist clubs and art galleries, Dirty Franks is a hub of artistic energy and talent. It’s not unusual to rub elbows with famous artists or aspiring art students, chef Anthony Bourdain even shot a segment of his show there and got a bit drunk while shooting the show (click his name to see the episode).

Curated by the multitalented Jody Sweitzer, who recently was celebrated with a one-person show at The Plastic Club with an eighteen year retrospective, Off the Wall Gallery is a unique venue which welcomes all kinds of art and artists. Togo Travalia, manager of the bar, tirelessly promotes the shows with outstanding publicity efforts including keepsake catalogs, posters and inventive facebook posts helping create the environment that the art is indeed for sale.

Anders Hansen, Somewhere in France

Anders Hansen, Somewhere in France, ink on paper

“I want my work to have density, complexity, movement, expressiveness. I like my materials to have a life and play of their own – ink that’s inky, charcoal that’s earthy, paint that’s rich, lines that cavort.” – Anders Hansen artist statement excerpt

Anders Hansen’s artwork never fails to surprise yet is totally accessible and decorative. Maybe his limited palette and fluid lines are the secret to his success, allowing the viewer to enjoy his art as it seeps into their consciousness with beautiful simplicity. But the work is the result of determined practice and years of work achieving a level of artistry that is reminiscent of the masters like Pollack or De Kooning. I’m not being flattering here, look for yourself, and you’ll see why collectors seek out his art to fill voids in their collections.

Bill Myers, Everyone Bleeds Now

Bill Myers, Everyone Bleeds Now, digital collage

Bill Myers mashes up original photography with found art to create his signature brand of surrealism. I love it that not everyone get’s it because the best art is often confusing. An accomplished professional photographer, Myers’ artwork mixes metaphors and memes with aplomb creating a balancing act between the real and unreal.

“My art mixes reality or fantasy and combines them to create a storyline that is TOTALLY TRUE OR FALSE!!!” – Bill Myers artist statement excerpt

Lance Pawling, Life on the Line

Lance Pawling, Life on the Line, found object assemblage

Lance Pawling has established himself as an important influence on the creative community of Philadelphia. As a performer with the Dumpsta Players, an employee of the Philadelphia Art Museum and an award-winning fine artist he demonstrates that living the artistic life can be fun and functional. His art, like his life, mixes what he finds into pleasing compositions of exotica, multi-media and history. Unafraid of criticism he laughs with the viewer when he puts Ben Franklin in drag, spoofs the Last Supper or assumes the personality of a Super-Star!

“I find inspiration everywhere I look. The spark might  emerge from the shadow of reflected light,or follow the path of a leaf delicately dancing through the air, set aloft by a passing bus. The delight of creation is all around me.” – Lance Pawling artist statement excerpt

Lance Pawling, Diamond J

Lance Pawling, Diamond J, found object assemblage

Lance Pawling, a Philadelphia-based artist, does performance art and creates handcrafted goods. Lance’s performance art takes the form of drag and female impersonation intended to delight his audience while making them squirm. Lance’s handcrafted art is made largely through found objects—often broken or discarded items—which he transforms into another state of material being that the viewer may not otherwise have seen or expected.” – Lance Pawling website

Bob Gorchov, untitled (Aves)

Bob Gorchov, Untitled (Aves), acrylic, watercolor, ink and pencil on paper

With naive abandon, Bob Gorchov, mixes media and styles to create exuberant creations that recall great artists like, you know, Picasso, Kandinsky, Bourgeois…seriously, before you buy copy-cat art from a big box store buy a Gorchov and you will own an original that no one else has.

Picasso famously said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

“About my recent paintings, I can say that the use of color is bolder, less somber and more varied than in previous works. This probably has little to do with conscious choice. I start wirth a line or image and see where it leads me. Then it’s one accident after another – or almost.” – Bob Gorchov artist statement

Yeoun Lee, Spring Shades

Yeoun Lee, Spring Shades, acrylic on canvas

The Autumn Invitational show has some amazing tableaus spread across the wall but Yeoun Lee‘s work, even though it stands fully on it’s own, complements the works nearby. Paired with Anders Hansen‘s mysterious abstractions her brilliant colors deepen the darkness of Hansen’s moody artworks. Placed next to Syd Torchio‘s exquisite portraiture, her work sings the song you hear in your head but with color. Adjacent to Bob Gorchov‘s child-like exhuberance, Yeoun Lee‘s paintings act like the adult in the room. There are several of Lee’s award-winning paintings in this show that belong in collections. #BuyArt

“My greatest source of inspiration to paint comes from nature, which gives me the freedom to express myself and to forget about the darkness and hardships that are inherent in the journey of life. With nature as my inspiration, I feel completly free to my own colors and techniques to create my own world on canvas. In this respect, I consider myself a colorist, using techniques such as dripping, layering, overlapping, and brushwork in my paintings. – Yeoun Lee website

“We’re all affected by what we see around us, by our experience and also by our moods. My great source of inspiration comes from nature and colors. Through observation, memory and my imagination, nature inspires me.” Yeoun Lee artist statement excerpt

Off the Wall Gallery Autumn Invitational 2013

Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks Bar Autumn Invitational 2013 features new artwork from their award-winning, top-selling artists: Jim BiglanBob GorchovAnders HansenYeoun LeeJesse r LentzBill MyersLance Pawling and Syd Torchio.

Jesse r Lentz, Off the Wall Gallery

Jesse r Lentz and Jim BiglanOff the Wall Gallery

The vitrine in the corner of the bar is dedicated to Jesse r Lentz‘ and Jim Biglan’s sculptures, drawings, paintings and mixed media objects with quirky mash-ups and objet trouve that makes me think that Dirty Franks invented the concept of ‘pop-up shop’. Like a mini museum, the glass case contains a fantastical array of the artists’ work that would enhance an urbane mantle, brighten a kitschy kitchen or add animal totem’s to a bedroom to occupy your dream-scapes. Lentz says, “I genuinely feel my small works can live peacefully in the dimly lit environment of Dirty Franks.”

Jesse r Lentz is a sculptor who focuses mainly on the idea of toy and touch. The physicality of an interactive sculpture has been a primary part of her sculptural work since she began practice. Learning the lost wax process of bronze sculpture as well as jewelry casting, welding, and other metal working techniques influenced her relationship to materials and craft. Animals and the human form have been a major inspiration point in all her studies.” – Jesse r Lentz artist statement excerpt from RAWartists.org

“This artwork represents three different avenues I’ve been exploring: 1) small humorous drawings sometimes using text, 2) my ‘moving drawings’, with slots, tabs, pulleys, etc., that can be manipulated to alter the drawing or reveal new areas; and small sculptures that are an extension of my love of mask and puppet-making.” – Jim Biglan artist statement

2013 Autumn Invitational at Off the Wall Gallery in Dirty Franks Bar, 13th and Pine Streets, Philadelphia on view through November 22nd.

The next show is called Coupling – the deadline for entry is 10/31/13

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted.

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2013 Autumn Invitational

Off the Wall Gallery, 2013 Autumn Invitational

Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s, 2013 Autumn Invitational Art Show and Sale. through November 22nd, 2013. Opening Reception: October 3rd, 2013, 7-10:00pm.

Jim Biglan, Bob Gorchov, Anders Hansen, Yeoun Lee, Jesse r Lentz, Bill Myers, Lance Pawling and Syd Torchio present new work from Off the Wall Gallery‘s award-winning and top-selling artists.

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